Social Media Marketing

Social media is everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere.


So if your product and service decision is “low tech” then you need a social media presence. Through a planned social media campaign you create brand awareness, build a community based on, and sell. Here are 15 ideas to help you follow a social media strategy, get your creative juices flowing and motivate you to create your own campaign ideas.
Two friends are using a pill for social media, imagining friend feedback.
1) Create a branded hashtag to make it social proof
Use social media to identify your brand by talking directly to your customers. Your online reputation is important. Create a hashtag to offer user reviews and testimonials. It builds on social proof by not looking at too much promotional or sales.
2) Post offers
As part of your overall marketing campaign, you can promote offers and discounts on social media. This helps spread awareness and attracts new customers who haven’t tried your product or service yet.
3) Keep your customers on social media
Existing customers are the best brand ambassadors, so use your brand to like or share their posts and show their stories. Talk to them about how your product has helped them. Encourage consumers to share selfies with their product and create hashtags to promote it.
4) Encourage user-generated content
It can encourage your community to create and share content about your brand, and may include photos or videos. You can run campaigns around product launches, conferences and festivals, or make it an ongoing activity and put content inside.
5) Add call to action
If you include CTA in your social media posts, people are more likely to interact and engage with your brand. Ask them to sign up, subscribe, learn more, or leave a comment. This can increase your CTR, engagement and overall success of your social media campaigns.
6) Have a poll
People like to run in elections. It makes them feel like they care about you. It doesn’t matter if they take part in your survey you are learning about your audience while increasing your engagement with your brand.
7) An influence is cheap
Influence marketing is not just a passing mood. Having a relationship with the influence in your power will create awareness about your brand and create social evidence. Research what practical influences are your niche.
8) Go behind the scenes
When you show something behind the scenes information. You open multiple doors for existing and potential customers. First, you’ll have the opportunity to keep them up to date. Second, you can brag about your team. And third, you become more relevant. You can expand your content and show your personality.
Similarly, when potential rentals go to your social media accounts, you can introduce them to your company’s culture, values, vision, mission, CSR activities, diversity and engagement, and more.
9) Current series
Surveys are consistent in finding that users prefer direct streaming when reading blog or social media posts. Live portions of any event on social media to generate more buzz, encourage interaction with participants, and show off all the good stuff that doesn’t involve themselves. You can also chat with your customers in real time, or add live question and answer sessions. It helps you connect in a way that shapes your brand and makes the audience feel more connected to you.
10) Hashtags and trends
Create a new hashtag to host any event. You can answer participants, answer questions, direct your booth. Etc. Find hashtags and trends and jump in to participate. Everyone will be able to identify you and your brand by displaying your brand personality. We’ve already mentioned hashtags a few times in this list, but in this case, they can be both brand-building in practice.
11) Prepare hype
Create a social media campaign when you’re about to launch a product, service, or event. You can preview your product or find out what the competition might be like. You want to talk about your own brand to make people expect and encourage future sales. Create posts, teaser videos, countdown letters, or even pre-order. And yes, make sure everyone has a dedicated hashtag.
12) Use all the features offered by social media
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