Re-Think to Re-Design Your Website

April 18, 2021
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Reasons to think about it and update your website design

John has a coffee shop that plans to offer coffee offline in his shop or order online and provide home delivery. He has been running his business for 10 years and has a website that has a lot of sweets

But, lots of unnecessary comments, photos, old designs, broken links, bad user experiences, antique content like dead men’s old age stories can feel like her website is in intensive care and her life It can come out of the middle of her chest. Looks like it needs some treatment, such as redesigning or updating the website design. Complaints from many consumers, threats from thousands of consumers not to order online disappointed him.

Well, John is thinking about updating his website, editing the elements for better performance of this website but still he is worried about the price.

Redesigning doesn’t necessarily mean you have to redesign the entire website or change every element of your website, but it does mean updating certain elements, rearranging your information, and Adding new features, etc., or making some functional edits to a word can bring the website back to life and inspire young people who will better help you reach your goal. First and foremost, your website is one of the introductory elements of your business approach.

So, John is now well aware that he needs to update his website, he needs some modification, not rebuild his design.

While there are many good reasons to improve your website, there are many other compelling reasons to update or redesign your website. Here are 7 things you need to do to design your website.


1. You are dissatisfied with the results of your website
Are you happy with your website that meets all your needs to reach your business goal? Maybe the design of your website is good looking, pixel perfect, functional but it doesn’t bring the expected result so why does it just stand out for online presence or creation? Your website needs to be customer oriented and oriented towards the purpose of your business.

You need to be unhappy with the results that your website is asking you to redesign or update the website design. In this case, you first need to know the conversion rate. The conversion rate is designed to guide and guide users who will usually provide you with some ideas for making adjustments to their sites. Here are some questions to ask yourself before making this adjustment.

Do you have a Call to Action button on your site or do you have one that turns your visitors into users?
Is your landing page enough to engage users or is it representing you with a group of aesthetic designs that are of little importance?
Is your site customer oriented and speaking directly to them?

2. You created your site a long time ago but now the purpose has changed
Like companies, your marketing strategy can be fluid which can lead to some changes as a result. But you don’t necessarily have to update your website design for this. It is better if you design your website according to your purpose and while supporting your new marketing strategy. Every aspect of it should be examined. Ask yourself some questions like:

How often do you change or alter your marketing strategy?
Do these changes affect your conversion pipe?
If you change your strategy for a while, it may not affect your results, but if you change your goal, it means that you have to align your goals with your goals. Website design needs some updates.

For example, John wants to provide more lead generation content for his coffee shop. This ensures that more CTAs are added to your homepage and other popular web pages.


Your. Your website just exists and isn’t working the way you expect it to.
Your website may be inactive. Every moment you stumble upon your website. Your website may be at this level but still, the elements of your website are not effective or you may not realize that they are making your site less effective.

Proper functionality should be the primary focus of website design. Plus, you’ll be losing traffic and potential lead generation. Ask yourself a few questions as to why you redesign it.

Does your website provide visitors with all the basic information and if so, how easy it is to access them?
Are your products and services updated every day or according to your warehouse?
Does the navigation system confuse your visitors?
Is there anything hidden that matters to visitors and your business?

4. You do not have an accepted website
People are now spending more than an hour each online using multiple devices, not just desktops or laptops. According to statistics

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