Content is the backbone of the web development process. It gives direction to your website and maps the layout and flow of information on your site. What should you include on your homepage?

If the homepage is not the first page users see, is the content on other landing pages sufficient to attract interest and attract new customers? By adopting a content-first approach, design supports and promotes the most important aspect of a business website, providing customers with the information they need.

In the past, most web designers adopted a design-first approach to web development. However, as the web development industry grew, we learned that developing websites without structured and established content is a flawed process. This process would later be completed with a number of issues, resulting in a more time-consuming and frustrating process than the content-first approach.

In this article, we give you the top 5 reasons why a content-first approach is so important to your web design and development.

1. Gives priority to good SEO practices
Priorities Good SEO Practice
A content-first approach allows you to prioritize your central message over the aesthetics of your website. People use Google to search for things they want to buy. And SEO is important for your website to appear on the Google search engine.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing posts, webpages, and articles for better visibility on search engines. It leverages the power of content in Google’s search algorithm to help it advance website rank.

However, it is often considered less important than design in the web development process. To unlock the full potential of SEO, you have to prioritize your content while creating your website.

Once you have compelling content and strong SEO performance, your visitors will benefit from a good user experience. This will also help you rank on Google. Content is what brings users to your website, therefore, a content-first approach that prioritizes SEO leads to better search rankings and a better user experience.

2. Clear direction for design:
Clear direction for design
Content is considered the meat of your website. Your website may be aesthetically pleasing but without good content, it will lack essence.

A content-first approach will help designers to use content as their guide to how each visual property will be determined. When you have already installed the content you are using, it becomes easy to define the overall sitemap.

The overall web development process becomes more efficient. From there, designers can build a sensible information structure. They will also be able to recommend better graphics and images to be used in addition to content.

Determining the content of your website first can help end the long and tedious process of choosing the right design. This will save you and your team time otherwise spend working on designs that you will eventually not use.

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3. more streamlined process flow
More streamlined process flow
When a web design project starts without an established content structure, the development process results in endless rounds of iteration between team members and the client. A content-first approach allows for a more productive and cooperative process during website design.

Project managers can refer to the design suggestions given by the copywriter and consult the client to get a better idea of ​​the images to use the overall design style of the website. When there is a set plan, everyone gets involved with each of their tasks and can work without any hindrance.

This results in improved productivity and efficiency among the team which can mean that the design of your website will be delivered on time.

4. Consistent style and tone
Website content style and design should have the same tone
Consistency has a big role when it comes to the design and content of your website. Your website needs to be both consistent and align with the other to make it look clean and professional. This will inspire trust from your site visitors and encourage frequent visits.

Apart from this, your content will also set the tone for the design of your website. Your tone is a verbal expression of a mood that is best adapted to cater to your audience. Web copywriters follow different tones when writing content; To name a few is casual, formal and elegant.

The selected tone will serve as a guide for the designer to know the overall theme of the website. First place your content